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Bangalore has seen a rise in the number of microbreweries that have come up all across the city. Some good. Some average. Some really bad! People have moved on from their regular lager bottles to craft beers and also are eager to know more about the process of brewing fresh beer. One among the microbreweries that has come up in the city is the “Big Pitcher”. Been to a fair number of breweries here myself, this place was always on my list but could never make it. Apart from their beer, microbreweries are also know to serve good food and I had heard some good reviews about the food at this place from my friends.

One fine day, I got a notification on Facebook saying that the good folks at Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore (FBAB) have organized their 25th meetup at this place. I was super excited and accepted immediately as I was most looking forward to visiting this place. Now let me tell you something about FBAB. Very rarely, you meet a group of people who share the same excitement for food and everything related to it. FBAB comprises of such like minded people. I was first invited for one of their meetup sometime in October 2015 and since then they have been a very important part of my life. FBAB is managed by the three admins, Bibhuti Bhushan Panigrahy, Naveen Suresh & Nameesh Rajamane. They make you feel comfortable especially if you are new to the group and are some of the nicest people I have met. I have always had this interest in food, clicking pics and talking about it. The admins suggested me to start a blog as that would be the right way to express my inclination to food and voila!, I started this blog few months later. Its always fun to be with these people and when it was time to celebrate the 25th meetup I had to be a part of it!

Big Pitcher is located right next to Hotel Leela Palace and is not that hard to miss. They have a total of 6 floors with different ambience in each. We were seated at Splitwood, an outdoor area located on the 2nd floor. The place has a fun, lively feel to it with a Texas vibe. Antique guns, cowboy shoes and hats are decked up all across the walls. A unique ambience I must say!.

We started off with their beer samplers which consisted of
1. Hop Witch
2. Adjust Maadi
3. Czech that Pilsner
4. King Slayer
5. Sarava
(There was another newly added brew. Sadly cant recall the name)

Big Pitcher-1
Big Pitcher-9-2

Although I do not have much knowledge on craft beers, I always go for the one that suits my taste buds. I personally loved the Sarava which was smooth and light with fruity notes.

We were also given  tour of the brewery by their master brewer who explained us the different stages involved in brewing

We also had a chance to try out some their signature cocktails. Their bartenders have great skills and concocted some amazing cocktails for us..
1. Jungle Mary – a similar version of bloody mary with spices and salt on the rim. Loved this drink.
2. High Sea Adventure – this was served in a small clay pot .Has milky texture. But didnt like this drink

3. Son of Beach – vibrant colors in this drink. Consisted of kiwi and strawberries. .This was a good drink and not too strong
4. Fig Mojito – Did not like the flavours much and the fig flavour was not prominent in the cocktail

5. Elder flower Martini – Decent whiskey based martini cocktail with elderflower syrup
6. Romantic Martini – One of the best cocktails. Very light and perfect combination of mango and passion fruit and orange peel.

7. Strong big iced tea – Comes with a cinnamon stick in it to add more flavours. I felt this was a decent drink but would be better with more of tea flavour
8. Che Guevara – My personal favourite. A gin based cocktail with green apples and chilli..Refreshing flavours with a nice kick after each sip.

9. Beach Bum – Malibu and vodka based cocktail served in coconut shell..a nice presentation of the cocktail.
10. The Big Pitcher – Red wine sangria which was served in a huge glass jar. There is some theatre involved as the bartender first lights a glass filled with rum on fire and then pours it over the drink

Food at microbreweries tend to be good most of the times. Food at Big Pitcher includes both pub style and different other cuisines as well. For starters we were served,
1. Ultimate Blazing Chicken Nachos – Nachos loaded with chicken, jalapenos, veggies and sour cream served with salsa and more sour cream on the side.A nice dish to go along with your beer.
2. Brawny Prawny – prawns served with gazpacho. Perfectly cooked prawns with gazpacho sauce

3. Sriracha Butter Chicken – a really nice dish..chunks of chicken cooked in sriracha sauce and served
4. Angari Katharnak Tikka – Delicious and spicy chicken tikka cooked with tandoor masalas

5. Bang Bang Tofu – spicy dish with thai flavours along with scallions and trio peppers
6. Subzi Ke Champ : mixed vegetables mashed and fried and served on skewers

7. Fish Saigon – soft fillets of basa fish cooked with soya sauce and other asian flavours.
8. We also had the Pazo Pazo pizza which was topped with veggies, olives and mozzarella

For Main course we had
1. Gosht Rogan-E-Nishat – Tender and soft mutton served in a thick red gravy. There were also Tandoori rotis that were served and went along well with the gravy

Big Pitcher-1-10
Gosht Rogan-E-Nishat

2. Lacchu Singh ki Subz Sithara – a Aloo gobi dish cooked with chillies and Indian masalas

Big Pitcher-1-11
Lacchu Singh Ki Subz Sithara

3. Pizza/Pasta Combo : it consisted of one whole chilly chicken pizza, a small portion of pasta primavera, a small portion of house salad and a bakery dessert which in this case was a chocolate pastry. This would be perfectly filling for a single person.

Big Pitcher-1-12
Pizza/Pasta Combo

4. Nawabs Combo : Chicken biryani with raita, raw onions and indian sweet which in this case was gulab jamun.

Big Pitcher-1-13
Nawabs Combo

We finally ended our meal with a Trio Chocolate Mousse which was fluffy with just the perfect sweetness in it.

Big Pitcher-1-14
Trio Chocolate Mousse

Other floors of Big Pitcher include Club Kahuna, which consists of a dance floor. There is also Sizzling Street which serves barbecues on table top grill. Studio 4121 is a good place to have a get together and if you want to chill and enjoy your cocktails then Star Lounge is the place for you.

To conclude, one should visit this place even if he/she is not fond of beer as they serve some crazy cocktails/mocktails as well. The food here is decent and the menu is vast. If you are in a group then you will definitely have fun here. Getting a table won’t be a hassle as you can sit on any floor and they serve almost the same food in all the floors.

To know more about them, you can visit their website at or click on the image below
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