‘TAH KOH’, Soft Shell Taco Festival at Mamagato

Mamagoto, a Pan-Asian restaurant located in Indiranagar focuses on fun Asian cuisine fused with creativity. The word Mamagoto means “to play with food” and it truly is an experience when it comes to the food and drinks over here. I was recently invited here for the ‘Tah Koh festival which is the first Asian soft shell taco festival. It is a combination of tacos with strong and prominent Asian flavours.

Mamagoto is located on the 12th Main road in Indiranagar, in the same building that houses The Humming Tree. The ambience here is laid back and fun with some bright and colourful interiors. There are wall paintings inspired by Japanese art like the dragons, manga etc.

We started off with some off the new cocktails specially curated for the Tah Koh festival.

1) The Cure : Dark and white rum shaken with pineapple juice, lime and topped with soda. This was a refreshing drink with just the right amount of alcohol. A small bowl of chopped pineapple was served along with it


2) Melon and Gin Story : Melon juice and Gin kicked with lime and juice. The musk melon flavour was prominent and must say this was a very refreshing drink. A small bowl of muskmelon slices was served along with it.


3) Lychee and Cranberry Whiskey Sour : Lychee with cranberry shaken with Scottish whiskey and poured aver ice. This was quite different to the traditional whiskey sour. It was a little too sweet for my liking.


4) Orange and Melon Martini : Orange and melon juice infused with vodka and their home made sweet and sour mix. This was served in a huge martini glass.  Another amazing concoction. A small bowl of orange slices was served along with it.


A friend of mine was sticking to only mocktails as he had to drive back home. Since the festival menu had only cocktails in it, we ordered few mocktails from their regular menu

1) Kiwi and Mint Collins : Freshly muddled kiwi with mint and lime and topped with soda. Similar to a mojito but It was missing the actual kiwi flavour.


2) Blueberry Cooler : I loved this drink. It consists of fresh berries blended with lime and sugar and topped with soda. Although it was a little too sweet, the berry flavour was prominent  and a very nice drink for a non alcoholic 🙂


Coming to the tacos on their new menu, we tried out few of them and here is my review about them.

1) Smoky : Crispy smoked chicken with green chilli mayo, goat cheese, salsa and served along with Asian Taco Sauce. My first bite had a good crunch to it and along with the taco sauce it tasted really good.



2) Mushroomy : Flat bread topped with mushrroms, blue cheese, green chilli, kimchi and pickled cucumber. I found this to be too bland and the bread s little too think.


3) Cheesy : Panko encrusted goats cheese balls with mango sauce, kimchi, mint and other greens. This was a little sweet because of the addition of mango bits in it.



4) Prawny : Panko encrusted fried prawn with chilli mayo. homemade pickles, Japanese BBQ sauce and spring onion. This was my favourite among the lot. The crispy prawn with the BBQ sauce was out of this world!



5) Craby : Soft shell crispy crab with chilli mayo. homemade pickles, Japanese BBQ sauce and spring onion. The crab was a little too bland for my liking. The BBQ sauce in this was not that prominent. It would require a little more of this to add to the flavours.



6) Ducky : Crispy duck with Plum Sauce, Cucumber and spring onion. The duck was dark  in colour and sweet in taste because of the Plum sauce. This was another good combination.



The Tah Koh festival is definitely a great choice if you want to try something different in Pan Asian cuisine. The combination of a taco along with Asian flavours is a good choice as long as the flavours in there pair along really well. The festival goes on till July 31st at their Indiranagar outlet.

You can check them out on Zomato by clicking the image below.
Mamagoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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